What’s the Difference Between Men’s and Women’s Golf Clubs

Men and women golfers enjoy quality equipment designed to improve their game and to bring them excellent results. For this to happen, the golf clubs designed for men and women include some differences that influence their efficiency and performance. In this article, you will discover which are these differences so you will know what to choose for your next golf game.

Since both men and women like to play golf, there have been golf clubs designed for each of them so they will all enjoy a comfortable and relaxing golf experience. There are some slight differences between the golf clubs that men and women use, considering they have different needs and skills. If you are curious to discover these differences, here is an article that will clear things for you.

Length differences

In terms of length, most manufacturers keep the same rule and design the golf clubs for women 2 inches shorter than the ones for men. The length of the club is related to the height of the person using it, so it’s normal that the women’s golf clubs are shorter than the men’s. It would be hard for a woman who is 5-foot-7 tall to swing and hit with a golf club designed for a man who is 5-foot-9 tall, hence, the length difference in men and women golf clubs.

Weight differences

Another difference when it comes to men’s and women’s golf clubs is in weight, also related to the skills and particularities of the user. The clubs’ weight is measured in grams and it differs when it comes to the gender of the user because men have more muscles and strength to hit with a heavier club. The difference is not huge but it is enough to allow women to play golf with the same looseness as men, without being overwhelmed by the weight of the club.

Design differences

The golf clubs designed for women are slimmer and more comfortable to hold than the ones designed for men because women have smaller and more fragile hands. The grip is smaller and shorter in order to allow women to hold the club with ease. The drivers and woods designed for women have a higher loft degree so they will manage to send the ball into the air with more ease. This way, the shot will have better speed and a higher trajectory that will lead to a better result. The differences are noticeable when it comes to the materials used in designing both club types. The women’s clubs usually have graphite shafts that are lighter than steel so it’s easier to swing and flex, leading to a better club position. The irons designed for women also have a softer flex so women will be able to perform a faster swing and hit.