Useful Tips for Improving Your Swing

Golf can be a relaxing game for both the body and the mind if you learn how to play it right, otherwise it can be really frustrating to play. Therefore, if you haven’t mastered your swing yet and you don’t know how to improve it, read this article to get some useful tips on this matter.

Golf isn’t an easy sport, taking a lot of practice and know-how to master it, and one of the most common problems that amateur golfers have is the fact that they can’t improve their swing.
If you are a fan of this sport and you like to indulge yourself in a weekly game to relax and unwind, but you haven’t learned how to master your swing yet, read the following lines to get some useful tips on this matter.

Use the power of your body

A common trait of all amateur golfers when it comes to their swing is that they all use the power in their arms instead of the power in their bodies to power the club.
To learn how to handle powering the club with your entire body, you must practice a lot by putting the club behind the ball at address, and keeping your body in a dead-stop position when you drag the ball into the air.
You will surely struggle with this at first, but practice makes perfect and after a few practice sessions you will notice a great improvement in your swing and your game.

Stay in the “K” stance

The “K” refers to the angle that is formed in your back leg by the lower and upper leg, and if you want to master your swing you must first learn to master this stance.
It might seem a bit uncomfortable at first, but by practicing using it every time you play, it will come natural for you to use it, and you will see great improvements in your swing as well.
To make sure that you are sitting in this stance correctly, draw an imaginary line from the top of your spine to the tip of your elbow, and from the tip of your knee to the ball joint of your foot. Also, don’t forget to keep this stance from address to just after impact, because if you don’t you will affect the swing and you won’t actually get to improve it.

Keep the hands low

By limiting the height of the follow-through, you will manage to effectively reduce the height of your shots.
While there are other methods to reducing the height of your shots, like choosing a stronger club or swinging easy, they are not as reliable and efficient as this method, and they are more difficult to master as well.
Just keep in mind to maintain a low position of your hands in the finish, and you will have a shorter trajectory of your shots.

Use a golf swing analyzer

Knowing the theory is one thing, but putting it in practice is another thing, as most of the times, we can’t really tell for sure what we did wrong when a swing doesn’t go as planned. A golf swing analyzer can show you all the details of your swing and teach you how to improve your swing in order to make better shots.