Top 5 Tiger Woods Shots

Tiger Woods is one of the most successful golfer in the history of golf. He is very talented and always seems to impress everyone with his set of skills. If you are curious to find out which are his top shots read this article.

Tiger Woods is undoubtedly the most successful golf player in the history of golf. He has managed to win many championships and tournaments and he has inspired many amateur golf players during his career. If you too admire his work, you probably already know about his famous shot, but if you need more details regarding his best shots, make sure to read this following article.

2008 US Open

Whether you are a professional golf player or someone who enjoys playing golf on a regular basis, you will admire Tiger Woods’skills at the 2008 Us Open. The Us Open was held in California at Torrey Pines, a famous gold location. Tiger Woods has managed to win the tournament and impress everyone at the US Open. His chip dropped into the hole after bouncing one time, so no one expected that to happen.

Phoenix Open

Tiger Woods has an incredible talent and even the people that were present at the Phoenix Open were able to witness that. During this even, Woods has lined up his shot on the par-3 16th at Scottsdale. He was prepared to deliver a powerful shot and win the game. The crowd wasn’t in any shape or form disappointed. The ball simply got into the hole after bouncing in front of it at first and then bouncing one more time.

2000 Canadian Open

At the Canadian Open, Woods managed to wow everyone once again when he hit a 6-iron so close to the green. However, this is not the only thing that made everyone like Tiger Wood more. The fact that he actually hammered the iron shot over the water and straight to the green was something that not many people can witness at a golf game.

2001 Players Championship

Woods faced some difficulties during the 2001 Players Championship at the par -3 17th hole. What had happened was the that the 9-iron shot was very close to reaching the water hazard. This could have been a fatal mistake, because the ball stopped almost up against the yellow line at the water hazard but fortunately his shot simply went towards the hole and all was good in the end.

2005 Masters

The most memorable shot of Tiger Woods took place at the 2005 Masters. It was a remarkable shot that amazed everyone present at the 2005 Masters.Woods chipped in playing 20 feet or break but the chip took a right turn on the 16th green, trickling toward the hole. The ball fell in and as a result Woods won the tournament, all because he hit an amazing shot.