Top 5 Golf Club Brands

If we have to make a top 5 golf club brands, then Nike, Mizuno, Cobra, Callaway, and Adams will certainly be in this top. As a professional golfer, if you choose your clubs from one of these brands, you will be provided with high performance and quality.

Are you a golf enthusiast? If so, then you certainly know lots of information about this amazing sport and about the equipment and accessories you need. However, for those who don’t know what golf club is best to choose, here is a top 5 golf club brands.


The PGA Tour stars that represent this brand are Aaron Baddeley, Tom Watson, and Bernhard Langer. The brand received several gold medals in different categories from the Hot List. There are lots of tour professional which have contracts with Adams, in order to use their equipment, due to the fact that they are durable and extremely qualitative.


This amazing company that designs, manufacturers and sells everything you need in terms of golf equipment and accessories, is a well known one due to the quality of its products. Therefore, if you need to get a professional and a quality golf club, you should definitely take into account this fantastic brand.


Cobra certainly deserves to be in this top 5 golf club brands, due to the fact that it provides superior-quality and high-performance items. Avid golfers can buy with confidence Cobra clubs and other items as they are specially designed to offer them exactly what they need. The company has been founded in 1973, and it has produced one of the first utility clubs. However, throughout time, Cobra managed to have a great number of customers due to their amazing products.


The Mizuno golf clubs are not only quality but reasonably priced as well. Furthermore, the materials are built to perform, and help you win the game. Founded in Osaka, in 1906, the company produces everything that has to do with this sport, from equipment to sportswear. Mizuno is not known only in the golf industry, but in baseball, table tennis, rugby, running, football, volleyball, and boxing as well. Professional golfers such as Tiger Woods used for a long period of time Mizuno golf clubs.


We all know this fantastic brand. Among others, it is a well known one for producing high-quality golf clubs as well. Many professional golfers choose Nike, due to the fact that the products offer them exactly what they need on the golf course. They feel confident that every shot will be a fantastic one. You can either go for iron golf clubs or wooden one. Whatever you choose, you can be sure that it is quality and the products will offer you a high performance.