Top 3 Best Golf GPS Watches

Are you a passionate golf player who is looking for ways to improve their golf game? If so, you must try using a golf GPS watch that can significantly change the way you play golf. The convenient features and the smart technologies of these 3 watches are the perfect help in obtaining higher points in a golf game.

Golfers all around the world are looking for the most effective ways of improving their golf game and for that, they use the latest gadgets and devices that can help them perform better shots. One of these devices is the golf GPS watch, an innovative item that offers the player information on the course and useful tips for the best game experience. Thanks to the advanced technologies these watches use, they can recall previous holes, read distances to the pins, or mark waypoints so that the player can minimize their handicap. If you are not familiar with these gadgets, we present you the top 3 best golf GPS watches that can improve your golf game.

Bushnell Neo XS GPS Watch

This smart watch comes with many useful features that help you know the course better and improve your scores. It contains over 33,000 courses from across the world and an auto recognition feature so you will always know the particularities of each course. It can monitor the distances for the back, front, and center of the green, a tee-time start, and an auto-off GPS feature. It also comes with preloaded hazards so you won’t miss the holes you are not familiar with and it includes a short distance calculator and odometer so you will always know how far you have traveled along the course. It is very lightweight so it won’t interfere with your game and it is perfectly legal for tournaments.

Espresso WR67 Watch

With this golf GPS watch, you can forget about poor shots and bad scores due to the automatic course recognition and the odometer that enables you to keep track of your evolution. The high-sensitivity GPS offers you the coordinates and allows you to detect the holes and the distance to them. The solid construction makes it durable and reliable without being bulky so I won’t mess with your swing and hit. It comes with a rechargeable battery and convenient watch features like timer, date, stopwatch, and alarm. It is legal to use this watch in golf tournaments so you will be able to improve your game in competitions.

GolfBuddy WT3 Watch

You can use this watch during every golf game thanks to the rechargeable battery that can last up to 50 days if you turn off the GPS. When turned on, it lasts for 8 hours and offers you information on the course and details on the targets and hazards of each hole. You can keep your score on the scorecard and personalizing your game settings with this comfortable and sleek golf GPS watch.