The Basics of Golf Clubs

If you are looking for ways to improve your golf skills and become a better player, then you should definitely invest in a good set of golf clubs. In this article, we will talk about the basic of golf clubs, so that you can learn more about which type of golf club is more suitable for your needs.

If you are thinking of becoming a professional golf player, then you should definitely learn more about the main golf clubs that exists and which ones are the most suitable for your needs. In this next article we will talk about the basics of golf clubs so if you interested in learning more regarding this aspect, read on. This way, you will manage to become a better player by knowing what type of golf club can best suit your needs and requirements.


Although you might get tricked into thinking that woods are made of wood, this is not necessarily true. Although woods were made of wood in the past, nowadays these golf club types are actually made of metal such as titanium or steel. So they are incredibly durable. They are suitable for fairway shots that go in a straight distance. If you are a beginner make sure to carry a 7-wood, a 9-wood and even a 5-wood that has a lower loft than the 9-wood. Advanced players can carry a 5-wood and 3-wood.


The longest golf club in the bag is called the “driver” and it is required when hitting a long shot of the tee. What’s important to mention here is the fact that the driver has a very low loft angle so it’s more difficult to hit. For beginners, it’s recommended to use a driver that has a loft of 10 to 12 degrees, so that it’s easier to launch the ball in the air. Advanced players can choose a driver with a lower loft and a stiffer shaft in order to get accurate results.


Irons are considered to be the most versatile golf clubs, mainly because they are capable of providing distance with the added benefit of providing more accuracy than a wood, for instance. It’s important to mention that a regular iron set includes a 3-iron down to a pitching wedge. Although many golfers prefer using their hybrids instead of a regular 3-iron or 4-iron, most players tend to use speciality irons, such as the lob wedge or the sand wedge.


Hybrids are becoming increasingly more popular nowadays because most golf players prefer using hybrids instead of longer irons. The main difference between hybrids and woods or irons is the fact that these clubs are easier to handle than any other types of clubs. Hybrids are after all a combination between woods and irons, only that they are designed with a heavy clubface designed to provide more accuracy.


There are many different types of putters so you can choose between a putter with a long shaft, a putter with face inserts or one with offsets. The key to getting accurate results is to choose one that works and feels best for you.