Inspirational Golf Quotes

Golf is a sport of the body and the mind, and throughout the history of this sport, many have risen and became icons not only for the fans of golf through their game, but for everyone else through their words of wisdom. Read this article to find out which are some of the best inspirational golf quotes of all time, and let their message sink in.

Golf is one of the most popular sports of all time, and throughout its history, many players have managed to become icons for the rest of us not only through their amazing games, but through their words of wisdom that can be applied in golf and in life as well. After all, this is a sport of the body and the mind, and to have success in it you need to think healthy and to ambition yourself to thrive even when the times are hard.

Learn from your defeats

We start our list of inspirational golf quotes with this gem coming from the great Bobby Jones. He practically tells us that it’s better to focus on the losses in your life than in your successes, because when you win, it means you knew what you were doing, but when you lost, you have to analyze why it happened to avoid it from ever happening again.
This is a piece of advice that will take you a long way in life, therefore instead of hanging on those moments of glory, focus on the moments of defeat, because only from them you will learn to grow.

Luck takes hard work

This funny inspirational quote from Arnold Palmer can be a little confusing at first, but if you think about it, he’s perfectly right. After all, luck doesn’t exist, and if it does it won’t come looking for you, but rather you have to look for it.
Everyone makes their own luck, therefore only through hard work will you get lucky and win in your battles, no matter their nature.

Always look forward

This piece of advice from Ben Hogan should remain imprinted in your head, and you should base all your actions on it. Rather than dwelling in the past or over thinking the present, you should look into the future and think about what will happen next depending on your actions, and think about your goals and how you can reach them.

Don’t let fear overwhelm you

From Sam Snead’s quote you have to learn that taking a risk in life, no matter if it’s in a game of golf, your career, or even love, while it might scare you, you don’t have to let fear rule you, otherwise there is no chance for you to advance in life.
Take your chances and do what you want, aim for the highest “mountains” and try to climb them, because even if you fail, you can try again, and from failure you can learn and grow. Therefore, don’t let the fear of failure or rejection rule you, because you will achieve nothing from it.

Always expect the unexpected

We end our list with a quote from Bobby Jones, the golfer that gave us the first inspirational quote to live our life by from this list.
In golf, just like in life, you can never expect what will happen next, and the irony of it all is that sometimes good actions can lead to bad consequences, and bad ones can lead to good consequences. All in all, expect the unexpected in everything you do and you will never be taken by surprise by thinking like this.