How to Design a Mini Golf Course In Your Backyard

Having fun with the family by playing a relaxing game of miniature golf in the weekend it the perfect way to spend your free time, but for you to be able to enjoy this activity with your loved ones whenever you want, you have to make a miniature golf course in your backyard.

Miniature golf is a relaxing and fun game that you could play in your free time with your family, and instead of paying to go to a miniature golf course, you should make one in your own backyard. Therefore, if you want to enjoy your free time playing this amazing game, read the following lines to find out how you can design one for your own backyard.


You will have to go to a hardware store and buy the following materials for the mini golf course: a stack of cinderblocks that you can buy if you don’t already have one in your garage, at least 100 red cement bricks that should cost about 22 cents a piece, a roll of wire that should cost $5, a few boards that will cost a maximum of $15, and 20 gardening stakes that will cost around $6. When making the holes, don’t mess up your yard for them, but rather put a piece of duct tape, a croquet stake, or even a wicket on the ground to use as a hole instead of digging one.


The best holes that you can make are the jump ball and the tunnel in the sky. The jump ball requires boards that measure 6 feet by 2 feet, 27 bricks, and 5 1/2 cinderblocks. Build a tower out of 3 blocks, lean the ramps against the tower and place a few bricks on each side for guidance, test the range with a few practice shots, set the finish with 2 1/2 cinderblocks that have a wall behind as a backstop, placing the rest of the bricks around it to form a square.

The tunnel in the sky requires 50 bricks, two 3 foot by 1 foot planks, a 3 foot long roll of wire, and a leftover piece of plank. Loosen the wire for it to become a tube big enough for the ball to go through it, size the planks, make a tunnel and place it on 2 towers made from 2 cinderblocks each, rest a plank on top of the block tower and one at the back of it, arranging the bricks in the shape of an “L” on the front side and the back side of the tunnel.

The grass

Make sure the grass is always taken care of and mowed for you to be able to play on your mini golf course.
At least once every 2 weeks take the lawn mower out of the garage and start mowing the lawn for it to be in a perfect shape. If you don’t have a lawn mower, consider investing in the greatest 2016 gas lawn mower, as grass trimming is an essential part of the golf course maintenance process.

The Honda HRX 217VKA probably the greatest 2016 gas lawn mower that you can buy for just $600. It’s extremely powerful, it mulches and cuts well, it takes very little time to mow with it, and it’s easy to maneuver.