How to Choose a Good Golf Bag

Having a good golf bag can make your experience while golfing a lot more pleasurable. No matter if you’re the type of person who likes to walk from one hole to the other or if you use a golf cart, you need a good golf bag to accompany you when you go on the course, and to know how you can choose a good one, you should read this article.

A good golf bag is as important as a good set of golf clubs for a golf player, because the golf bag is your eternal companion on the course, being one of the few things that you can’t go without.
If you want to know how you can choose a good golf bag that will suit your needs to make your golf game more pleasurable, read the following lines.

What types of golf bags are out there?

There are 4 types of golf bags that you can choose from, staff bags, cart bags, stand bags, carry bags, and any of them can be the best for you depending on what you need exactly. Therefore, to make sure that you are choosing a good golf bag, take in consideration what you need and which type of golf bag can provide you with the best functionality.
Staff bags are the luxury cars of the golf bag world, being the choice of champions. They are up there in price, but they provide with room, fact which makes them heavy as well. Therefore, unless you are a professional golfer that has a caddy to tend to carrying the bag, it’s not the best choice for you.
Cart bags are smaller and lighter than staff bags, and they are specially designed to be carried on a golf push cart or a golf riding cart. Therefore, if you plan to walk the course you should avoid choosing a cart bag.
Stand bags have two retractable legs that can either stand upright or they can stand canted. They are the ideal choice for those who prefer to walk the course.
As the name states it, carry bags are designed for those who walk the course, being easy to carry them around. Stand bags are a type of carry bags, therefore no matter which type you go with, they are perfect for those who walk from one hole to the other, the decision with which of the two to go with depending on whether you find it important for your bag to have retractable legs or not.

Features you must look for

The most important features that you must look for if you want to have a good golf bag are for it to have 14-way dividers to provide space for all your golf clubs, to have the putter well compartment for the putter to be kept away from getting damage to the shaft, an umbrella holder for when unexpected weather makes a visit, a rain hood for the clubs to stay dry in case the weather gets bad, and for the golf bag to have as many pockets as you need it to have.