Greatest Rivalries In Golf History

There are some greatest rivalries in golf history that will certainly be remembered. If you are interested in this subject, then some online research will definitely help you find the desired information.

When it comes to the beautiful and elegant game called golf, there are many players that have had exceptional games, and that have made exceptional shows, shows that will certainly be remembered during the time. Make yourself comfortable, and have a look at the following greatest rivalries in golf history.

Phil Mickelson vs. Tiger Woods

This is without a doubt one of the greatest rivalries in golf history, which will definitely be remembered. Most of us probably know that Tiger Woods has had 8 Major Championships before he was defeated by Phil Mickelson. This actually happened at 2014 Masters. These two golf players are well known for their rivalry, for nearly the last 20 years. They are not enemies, but they are nor friends either. However, both of them are exceptional golfers, and when they play together, they definitely have a game to remember.

Bobby Jones vs. Walter Hagen

If we go back in time, we find another two great golfers which have been considered rivals, Bobby Jones and Walter Hagen. Jones, the greatest amateur in the history of golf, has won the first Grand Slam in 1930. Walter, on the other hand, has won in 1914 his first U.S Open. In 1926, Jones was still an amateur at the time, but he played a historical game with Walter, who actually won. That was called the ”Match of the Century”, and they became rivals ever since.

Mickey Wright vs. Kathy Whitworth

Not only men became rivals, but women as well. The best example is Mickey Wright and Kathy Whitworth. They actually created the first women’s golf rivalry in history. Many people saw Kathy play, and they said that she has played beautifully and that she was the greatest golf player. On the other hand, Mickey has been a good golfer as well. She has won 82 times, and she had the game of her life with Kathy in the Majors, from 1958 to 1973. These two amazing women have led the LPGA in victories, thirteen times.

Nick Faldo vs. Greg Norman

Both these players are an important part of the golf’s history. IN 1990, Faldo defeated Norman, at the British Open at St Andrews. Those who are interested in this golf, certainly remember about Norman’s epic collapse in 1996, at the Masters. However, these two amazing golfers were some of the best ones at the time, and they will certainly remain in the history of golf, as two of the greatest rivals.