Best Golf Courses of the World

There are many golf courses around the world, but some of them stand out when it comes to their beauty and complexity. If you are a fan of the sport, and you want to know which are the best golf courses in the world where you might one day tee-off yourself if you’re lucky enough, read this article.

Due to the popularity of this sport, there are many golf courses around the world, but only a few of them really stand out from the rest through their complexity and beauty.
If you are a fan of this sport and you are wondering which are the best golf courses in the world, read the following lines to find out.

Cypress Point Club, California, USA

We start our list with the Cypress Point Club from California that is actually considered to be the best golf course in the whole world.
It’s a 17-hole course that is set in a stunning location, and its architecture was finished in the 1920’s by Dr. Alister MacKenzie.
The problem with this gorgeous golf course is that there are only 250 members in it, therefore the chances for a mere mortal to ever get the chance to play a round of golf here down to almost zero. To make it more clear how select this golf course is, even the American president J.F. Kennedy was once refused entry here, making your chances to ever gain access very slim unfortunately.

Pine Valley Golf Club, New Jersey, USA

The Pine Valley Golf Club in New Jersey has one of the most beautiful landscapes in the entire world, making a game here a truly relaxing and spectacular experience.
The construction of this golf course started because the Philadelphian hotelier George Crump had the dream of making a golf course, but he unfortunately died before the completion of the course.
What really amazes about the legacy that this man left behind is the fact that the Pine Valley golf club is to this day universally considered as being the perfect example of golf course architecture.

Royal County Down Golf Club, Newcastle, Northern Ireland

The beautiful city of Newcastle is host to one of the best golf courses in the world, this course being the Royal County Down golf club.
If you are a golf fan, you should make it mandatory to go here at least once in your life, because aside from the entertaining track that you will have to follow to complete a game of golf here, you will get to admire the beauty of the Mountains of Mourne.
The fact that golf courses have stunning locations is probably one of the most important reasons why people love this sport so much, beside the fact that it’s a relaxing and mind challenging game as well.