Best Female Golfers Of All Time

The best female golfers of all time will definitely remain in golf history. Annika Sorenstam, Kathy Whitworth, and Patty Berg are just some of them, which are definitely a great inspiration for all golfers.

Throughout time, not only men performed in the beautiful game called golf but women as well. Some of them were actually considered at that time, even greater than men. If you are interested in this subject and you want to find out more details, then here are some of the best female golfers of all time.

Annika Sorenstam

This amazing female golf player has won 72 LPGA Tour Events in 13 years. With a record of 93 professional titles during her 16-year career, Annika Sorenstam is definitely a professional golfer that will remain in the golf history.

Kathy Whitworth

She has joined the LPGA in December 1958, and she’s had one of the most fantastic careers in history, which lasted 23 years. During these years, she has won 88 times, which is actually more than any other golfer has ever won. Kathy Whitworth is without a doubt one of the best female golfers, of all time.

Patty Berg

Patty Berg is one of the most famous female golfers due to the fact that she has won 60 victories on the LPGA Tour. In the 1930s, she had an impressive career as an amateur, and then, in 1940 she moved to the next level, as a professional. Furthermore, she is the only one who has taught over 16000 golf clinics, introducing a great number of new players to golf.

JoAnne Carner

JoAnne Carner had a beautiful career in golf and she is the winner of 43 Tour events and lots of awards, scoring and money titles as well. She won 5 U.S. Women’s Amateurs, and unlike other players, she didn’t turn professional until she was 30. However, she is definitely one of the best golf players which should be an inspiration for young golfers.

Louise Suggs

Louise Suggs has a record of 11 major championships and 58 wins. Moreover, she also won some awards at the U.S. and British amateurs. Many people don’t know that Louise Suggs is not only one of the best female golfers but one of the founders of the LPGA Tour, as well.

Betsy Rawls

Born in Spartanburg, South Carolina, Betsy Rawls started playing golf when she was 17. She has won her first game as an amateur in 1949, and the second one in 1950. In 1951, she turned professional, and actually won the tournament from that year. During her golf career, she has won 55 LPGA Tour victories. Betsy Rawls is without a doubt an amazing golfer and a great inspiration for all young golf players.