All-Time Greatest Golf Shots

As in any sport, there are certain classifications made in golf as well, classifications that distinguish those best moments, players, courses, or games from the rest. Therefore, if you are a fan of this sport and you are interested in finding out what are the all-time greatest golf shots, read this article.

Golf is a sport of the mind and the body, a sport that combines the two in perfect harmony. Like all sports out there, it has classifications of its best players, moments, shots, courses, and anything you can think of, because we all love to compare and reminisce when thinking about our favorite sport.
If you are a golf fan and you’re wondering which are the all-time greatest golf shots, wonder no more and read this article to find out.

Phil Mickelson, 13th hole, 2010 Masters

Phil Mickelson is all about making the shots as he sees it best, not caring about the percentage shots, and this is the main reason why he’s so popular.
At the 2010 Masters, he ignored the advice of his caddies that told him to go short of the river, and he took the swing, placing the ball 6 feet away from the flag.
The crowd was delirious seeing this magnificent shot, but golf as any other sport doesn’t fail to bring players down to earth, Mickelson missing the put. Therefore, no matter if he had listened to his caddies or not, the outcome would have been the same.

Shaun Michael, 18th hole, 2003 PGA Tour

You don’t have to score a hole-in-one to make a great shot, because at times it’s impossible to do so, therefore you have to approach the ball as much as you can to the hole. This is extremely tough in certain situations, but the best in the game seem to have handled tough situations with ease.
At the 2003 PGA, Shaun Michael was under a lot of pressure while facing the 18th hole, but he managed to overcome all the emotions, the pressure from the crown and the importance of the title, and he took the shot, leaving the ball only inches away from the 18th hole.

Tiger Woods, 16th hole, 2005 Masters

There definitely can’t be a top in golf without mentioning Tiger Woods, because even if he is now a fallen star, he was once the best at this sport, and no one can take that away from him.
At the 2005 Masters, Tiger Woods took a decision that left everyone dazzled when he was confronted with the 16th hole. Instead of leaving it short and playing safe, Tiger took his chances and the ball fell after what seemed to be an eternity directly into the hole.
The moment was so amazing and the shot was so accurate that it was used by Tiger Woods’ sponsors in their adverts.

Larry Mize, 11th hole, 1987 Masters

In 1987, at the Masters played at Augusta National, a shot played by Larry Mize was going to make history along with the player as well.
The remarkable sand-wedge chip shot dropped in the hole from a distance of 140 feet away, clinching the tournament for Larry Mize.
At the Augusta National Masters in 1987 , Larry Mize went down in history due to that amazing shot, and ultimately captured the championship title as well, defeating heavy names like Norman and Ballesteros.