5 Ways To Lower Your Golf Handicap

You love playing golf but you just can’t lower your handicap? Don’t worry, because with determination and practice, everything is possible. If you want to improve your golf game and lower your handicap, read this article to find out 5 efficient ways to doing this.

Golf is a game that can be mastered by anyone if they put heart and practice into it, but only if they do their best to improve themselves and fix what’s wrong with their game.
If you love this sport, but you still have problems with your handicap, read the following lines to find out which are the 5 ways to lower your golf handicap.

1. Play in harsh conditions

Playing in harsh conditions like heat, rain, cold, or wind will help reduce your handicap considerably, because when you will be confronted with bad weather in a mid-season game you will be able to handle it better. In addition, once you master your game in tough conditions it will seem like a breeze to play in perfect weather.

2. Play alone

While it’s undeniably fun to tee-off with your friends every weekend, you should reserve time to play by yourself if you want to see improvements in your game.
By practicing your shots on a single hole when you’re alone, you will better master it and you will reduce your handicap considerably, making your game a better one. Therefore, next time you have a scheduled game with your friends, arrive one hour prior to its start and hit the ball a few times all by yourself.

3. Exercise daily

Daily exercise is mandatory if you want to lower your handicap, both cardio and strength workout, the 5 minutes of stretching before you tee-off not being enough to improve your game.
Take 30 minutes out of your time every day to workout, even during the winter when you won’t be active in your golf game anymore, and the improvement will be noticeable immediately, the strength building adding distance to your shots.

4. Try different courses

If you have the time and money for it, make sure to try different courses as often as possible, to be faced with new challenges and conditions, otherwise you will specialize in only one course, your game not being actually improved if you do this.
Go to tougher courses every time, and play on them until you have the desired handicap, this being the safest way to ensure that you are truly improving your game.

5. Check your equipment

If your equipment is outdated or it’s starting to wear down, it’s time for a change, maybe even an upgrade.
To improve your score and to lower your handicap, you must get your equipment fitted to your body, this change being a huge improvement for your swing and overall game.