2016 Golf Apparel Trends

If you do some online research, you will definitely find the 2016 golf apparel trends. By doing so, you will not only have an amazing game, but you will also look exceptional.

Nowadays, most golfers don’t only want to win as many games as they can, but they are also extremely fashionable. Men and women as well are interested in looking exceptional on the golf course. In order to make sure that you choose the right items, have a look at the following 2016 golf apparel trends.

Go for a Polo and shorts

During hot days of summer, you definitely need to feel comfortable on the golf course, in order to concentrate better on the game. Therefore, a fantastic idea is to wear a Polo T-shirt with a pair of shorts. The designer recommendation is to combine navy blue with white, and choose a T-shirt with a pattern. This is an outfit that is perfect for any man, no matter the age. It looks absolutely fantastic, and it definitely makes you feel very relaxed.

Choose the combination you like

As mentioned above, the combination of shorts and Polo T-shirts is one that it is highly recommended by all designers for 2016. Depending on your personal taste, you can choose different colours, but the cut must remain the same. In the above picture, you have some nice combinations, which will definitely inspire you. Remember that you need to feel confident on the golf course in order to concentrate and win the game, and your apparel is an important part of your confidence. Therefore, make sure that you don’t only play exceptional, but you also look amazing.

Women should choose pink in 2016

Nowadays, not only men play golf but women as well. In 2016, designers recommend them to choose pink. They can either go for a pair of pink trousers and a white T-shirt or vice-versa. Since this beautiful combination is part of the 2016 golf apparel trends, it is without a doubt one that must be applied. Some online research will definitely help you find other combinations of colours, and you should go for one that is to your liking and it also suits you.

If you are a woman golfer, then green is another great option

If you are a green lover, then you are lucky, as you will certainly like this apparel. Moreover, you will be very pleased to find out that it is in 2016 trends. Polo T-shirts have always been and still are trendy, and most designers highly recommend golf players to wear them. Therefore, women and men as well should go for an item like this.